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Some of my favorite time lapse videos can be found using the following links.

Jupiter’s red spot transits
A rare opportunity to capture the transit of Jupiters Great Red Spot occurred April 2016, when the transit happened on an evening with clear skies and excellent seeing. This video shows the spot crossing the planet while its moon Io passes nearby.

Meteor train
On Dec. 14 the Geminid meteor shower produced a very bright meteor as I was getting set up for some imaging. I had started a test exposure on the Orion region when the sky lit up with a very bright flash. I did not see the meteor directly but my camera did catch part of the trail and I continued to take 2 min exposures after the flash catching an impressive luminous patch (technically a meteor “train”) that evolved and gradually dissapated.
Details –
There were a total of 15 – 2 min raw format exposures. The first exposure was at 6:26 UTC and the flash occurred during it. There was a 6 min gap before the second exposure (the one with the bright plume) at 6:32 UTC and the rest followed at 122 second intervals. The last image was at 7:00 UTC so the total time period was 34 min and the time interval for the plume images was 28 min.
The meteor trail was also captured by a nearby all sky camera – see

Night at Valdes Island
A lovely evening with stars appearing over dancing boats. Time lapse video of nightfall looking toward Vancouver from Shaw Point on Vancouver island followed by a time lapse of the Milky Way overhead. Andromeda galaxy can be seen on the right and the double cluster in Perseus rises in the centre near the end.

Northern Sky from Yellowpoint
Time lapse photography reduces a 12.5 hour dusk to dawn period into a minute and 20 seconds. Look for the Big Dipper early and Cassiopia coming down on the left later. Then Lyra and Cygnus can be seen before a gorgeous dawn ends the night. The sequence was done on the night of February 17-18, 2010 from Yellow Point , Vancouver Island while the Vancouver Olympics were on. The lights on the lower right are from the Olympic site. Following the sequence are star trail images that were made from the same images as the video.
Copyright 2010 W. John McDonald